Power Electronics & Technologies is the India’s most experienced Company for providing the best audio solution and services. We are committed to deliver innovative products to meet the purpose and requirements in different areas to make the customers feel the quality and satisfaction. We believe that the best way to do this is through deep understanding of customer’s expectation and desire.

M. John Thankachan, an audio passionate and music lover is the founder of Power Electronics & Technologies. His love for music has urged him to bring in the best solution for all audio needs started since his childhood. This geared him to start his own brand TORVIN to deliver the real and complete music experience for all music lovers.
TORVIN, established in India has set its own standard that meets the international quality at an economic price.

Hi-End Audio – Service Center
M. John Thankachan realized the need for people in India to overcome the hindrances in servicing the audio systems of various international brands and started a service center in 1980. For the past 34 years, Power Electronics has proved its ability by servicing the audio systems right from vacuum tube technology to the latest digital technology. His personal experience in handling most international audio products gained him in depth knowledge of every single product. He believes in the thought “Be willing to learn throughout your life”, this willingness to learn from everything made him accomplish his destiny in this Industry.

Research & Development
He started crafting his own audio products three decades ago, he evidenced the situation that music lovers in India found it difficult to buy the highly priced international audio products. This induced him to design and manufacture high end audio products at an affordable price for all the music passionate.
The design and quality of TORVIN audio systems compete with all the best brands in the world at an economic price range. The sole designer M John Thankachan designs and qualifies his products by ear, hand crafted and made for one reason: to enhance the experience of music listening. He picked up the threads of the art and technology, entwined them and crafted exquisite systems.

TORVIN products are indigenously designed and manufactured in India with an assured quality to meet the International standard. We take pride in encouraging the drive “Make in India” for Making India Great.
For the past three decades, we have manufactured over 400 varieties of highly distinctive and unique range of speakers, amplifiers, home-theater systems, innovative and customized audio products. We ensure that each and every product designed, delivers top-notch performance with a long operating life. Our products are known for its quality consistency, aesthetic look and value for money; matching the imported brands’ performance and quality.

M. J. Thankachan’s contribution to the Indian audio industry is remarkable for the past 35 years, adding another dimension to our Indian audio Industry. He is a self-made personality dedicated his lifetime for all audio and music lovers. His continued enthusiasm and passion for music made him so successful continuously for three decades.